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18: Leaps of Faith with David Mays

July 8th, 2019 (71 minutes)

David Mays is Senior Public Relations Manager at Amazon where he oversees multiple high impact initiatives. I actually worked with David in my former life at Amazon but we never had a chance for an extended conversation. But as they say, better late than never and today's conversation makes me wish I'd done this earlier. Turns out we have much in common, besides the common employer and the pathological need to run long distances. Prior to Amazon, David has had an expansive career across multiple industries, including public news, the department of defense, and healthcare.

David's father was a Methodist minister and David remembers moving frequently from small town to small town as a kid. He came across a group of runners in one of these towns and insisted on joining them which led to him running his first marathon at the age of 13. This initial catalyst has sparked a lifetime of running, coaching, and the ability to deal with adversity. David has an amazing ability of coaching civilians into champion runners in just about all the places he's worked - this includes coaching his now wife and clinical psychologist Janice Alley who won her age group during her first half marathon race and continues to race competitively today.

In today's episode, we talk about David's childhood and how it sowed seeds for his current narrative, we talk about success as it relates to running and mentorship, and we talk (corporate) talk and explore how David has helped some of the world's biggest corporations shape their own narrative.


"Running as a discipline has always been something that has prepared me for adversity, for always having two or three option plans when things go wrong , [for] failure and the ability to overcome failure, [and for] the desire and ability to mentor and coach and help others"


  • childhood stories and frequently moving
  • overcoming obesity and running first marathon at age of 13
  • thoughts on running, mentorship and facing adversity
  • inviting and coaching non-runners into competitive athletes
  • taking leaps of faith and working across different industries (public news, defense department, oil, healthcare, consumer, etc)
  • supporting the CEO of Kaiser Permanente and defining corporate communication strategy
  • making decisions in short and long time frames
  • "davy gravy" and work under Bush administration
  • vision for the future


  • inspiration
    • long distance mentee, captatain in US army, and competitive runner and triathlete suffered medical condition with unsuccessful surgery
    • seeing her handle situation with calmness and resiliency
  • surprising fact
    • used to play the violin
  • principle
    • treat other people the way you want to be treated
  • closing notes
    • kind words about the podcast and interviews within (thank you David)

11: Building a Successful White Label Technology Platform After a Decade of Pivots With Mark Michael and Daniel Rust

January 31st, 2019 (54 minutes)

Mark Michael (CEO) and Daniel Rust (CTO) are the co-founders of DevHub, a white label technology platform that powers some of the world's most recognizable brands. Companies license DevHub technology to create sites /landing pages pages at scale. Companies also use DevHub as the repository for their experience data.

Mark and Daniel first met in high school and have been working together as business partners ever since. At DevHub, Mark handles business and marketing whereas Daniel defines its technical road-map and vision. According to Mark, Daniel is the closer and the person that comes in to seal the deal.

In today's episode, we talk candidly about Mark and Daniel's history, the early days of DevHub and how the two founders deal with conflict, and DevHub today and where the founders hope to take it.


  • mark and daniel's history and doing startups together
  • story of Devhub, its founding, pivots and the dark nights of the soul
  • Devhub today and what it does
  • customer outreach in white label business
  • mistakes and lessons learned
  • decision making process between two founders
  • hiring at Devhub
  • trends in company branding
  • Devhub future direction

Closing Questions

  • inspiration
    • mark
      • building a company (devhub)
      • travelling
    • daniel
      • acceleration of new technologies
  • surprising fact
    • mark
      • how hard we're actually working almost every sing le day
      • get up every day at 4:30 to work out
      • how often I hang out with my parents (at least 4-5 times a week)
    • daniel
      • super focused but at the same time always ready to be interrupted
      • closing abilities
      • parties
  • principles
    • mark: if you know you're right and good looking, go for it (aka just do it)
    • daniel: having a basic understanding of things before speaking about them
  • closing notes
    • lookout for Devhub and where it's going


  • DevHub
  • Mark Michael
    • Instagram: @gliderceo
    • Twitter: @gliderceo
    • YouTube
  • Daniel Rust
    • Instagram: @dlrust
    • Twitter: @dlrust