Folk Stories

1: Directing the Narrative with Johan Liedgren

September 10th, 2018 (76 minutes)

Johan Liedgren is an award winning film director, consultant and investor/advisor/CEO of over 15 ventures. His clients include major brands like Amazon, Nike and Warner Brothers.

Born in Sweden, Johan studied philosophy in college but put the degree on hold to be one of the first employees in Microsoft at its European Headquarters in Paris. After 8 years at Microsoft conducting corporate strategies and negotiations, Johan left the corporate gig to pursue consulting, startups and film making.

Today, Johan is active as both a consultant and a film director. He starts shooting his newest film in eastern Washington starting this month of September.

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  • early years - copywriting, consulting and corporations
  • just do it - Johan's start to film making
  • early films - courtship, romance and the gray zones of courtship
  • the Johan method of tackling creative bottlenecks
  • the start and process of dream journaling (over 2000 recorded dreams and counting)
  • relying on your gut to find the right people
  • the pit bull incident - being calm under pressure
  • morning rituals
  • living a "balanced" life
  • deciding what to do next
  • the art of story telling